Friday, February 17, 2017

My Motivation

My Motivation
Hailing from a typical rural background, I had an opportunity to witness dynamic twists of students and youth in my area. The abysmal paradigm of pupil in my village provoked me many times. Many of them either dropped out or their career went awry mainly owe to the family circumstances or due to low exposure to sublimed thoughts. It was a usual sight most of they ended up with the conventional boundaries of career.
This mis-links were apparent; lack of nutrition, no effective parenting, defects in educational approach. There were exceptional cases where people broken their boundaries to fly above limitations. It was through right vision they provided with at some point of life. Education is globally hailed as a catalyst to remove darkness. But right education must be offered to ignite minds of young children. A right mix of nutrition, effective parenting, motivated teaching and skilling is required. It is a participatory approach to ensure overall development of an individual for long term benefit of the nation.
I happened to see, my people are limited in employability skills like Communication, IT and parents, parents are consistently failing in their role to build the career edifice of their children. At the utmost despair, teachers still revolve around the conventional wall of education.
Even though from an ordinary family background, I had the fortunate to interact with some great minds at my undergraduate times. Eventually, my thoughts drowned into the nuances of life and career, which made me to be philosophical. I realized that our premises and nurturing have a critical role in the overall development. Beyond, a practical spirituality moved me to a more elevated direction.  It is an added advantage to be blessed with a mentor. The need of the hour is an ideal mix in education to bridge the prevailing lacuna. Our education ideology needs to be the mutual existence of effective parenting, nutrition, equal opportunity to education, skill based learning, and aptitude oriented career selection. The teaching fraternity, course content and methodology of learning also to be in par with this objectives. I am passionate to work in this direction.
Career Interests
Currently I completed my doctoral thesis and work with the skill development mission of Govt. of Kerala. I had a unique opportunity to meet thousands of students and youth where I utilized my space to sow seeds of development thought. However, beyond mere reading, our philosophies must be backed by scientific evidence. Such scientific strategies and interventions can create catapulting effect among youth. This requires more exposure and guidance from right people. Working with people/organization in this line will help me to spearhead changes in education sector with much vigour. 
Being an individual working in this sector and passionate to introduce change, developing new scientific methodologies and adopting emulating success stories can have a pivotal impact in the education system. It is not as special cases, but as widely accepted model. I firmly believe that Vision India Fellowship will be a guiding force for me.
If I am not selected

If I am not selected, I will remain in this sector and continue with my pursuit for excellence. I will find more time to read, listen and travel to see changes in the education sector. Whatever I observed and imbibed will pass over to others. I will keep my priority to do a post-doctoral programme from a reputed university abroad. Surely with an intention to back to my community and work for the betterment of my fellow beings.

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